Butlins 2016 – Success by the Seaside

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24th November 2015
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Butlins 2016 – Success by the Seaside

After only two weeks post Christmas build up, Crofton Silver Band ventured to Skegness full of confidence after our last contest win at Leicester and was in good after an enjoyable festive banding season.The band enjoy playing PLC’s music and Platform to the Heavens was no exception.
The weekend started with a blip however, on Friday evening we turned up to shiver our way through a rehearsal in the freezing cold Royal Arthur Suite to find somehow a bass was left back at the band room. After a great rehearsal, a few phone calls and favours were called in, we managed to secure a replacement bass (thanks to Dronfield Band). A few quiet drinks and an early night (for some!) followed.

Saturday morning was spent in the chalets eagerly awaiting the draw, only after several minutes bumbling around with the remote to find the Butlins channel, silence descended… We were then disappointed to have been pulled out the hat as the band who will play number One.

After getting the dreaded ‘pub’ draw, a quick change into uniforms was required but the bands treasurer had managed to forget his trousers, Allen had previous form turning up to Filey sans-trousers. However a tailoring crisis was averted by swapping playing positions, from first to last, with Dronfield who had requested an early draw gaving Allen time to pop into Sunny Skeggy and purchase a new pair of slacks.

The now late draw gave us time to chill out, listen to a few bands and relax for a bit until Dean and Graham conspired to find us a rehearsal room, so after a quick tootle in the Sun & Moon we were ready to go.

After a good performance with some lovely sounds, big dynamic contrasts and some fantastic playing by all the soloists in their cadenzas and solo passages. We came off stage knowing we had done a good job and produced a performance of which we could be proud. (Full results and remarks can be found here).

After a few drinks and a catch up with banding friends, what seemed like the whole band piled into the party chalet before the results for a quick game of beer pong, with some ridiculously large measures of tequila, Vodka, Jagermeister and other assorted falling over juice. The band set off for the results in high spirits, (quite litterally in some cases, some didn’t even make it at all…), hoping for a good result. The results ceremony was a better affair this year without the need for any entertainent to hold up the prize giving.

The first award was announced, the N.U.M. Challenge Trophy for the highest placed mining band, IT WAS US! Graham walked, no ran, on stage to pick up the prize. However Dean at this point looked a little deflated, it was only afterwards he said he thought we had finished 5th… The rest of the results came out and we had done it, WE WON!!!!!! Cue delerious celebrations, people ending up on the floor, bemused looks from other banders and Allen lighting up a big Havana Cigar at the thought of 2K in the coffers.

As has become something of a tradition for the band, whatever the result, it was time for fancy dress. This years theme was ‘Nautical but Nice’, which led to some fantastic costumes. From Sailors, Mermaids, Pirates, Fishermen, Captain Birdseye (complete with a platter of fishfingers), shark attacks,’C’-horses and the reappearance of not one but two mankini’s. (Photos can be found in the gallery).

Another great weekend at Butlins with an excellent result, roll on the areas!

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